Charlotte L. Haley

PhD, PStat, Statistical Analyst

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I am an assistant statistical scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, in the Laboratory for Advanced Numerical Simulation (LANS) group within the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS).

My research interests lie in statistics and signal processing, in particular spectrum analysis of time series, array processing, and spatio-temporal statistics.



PhD (Queen's) in Statistics
Thesis: Nonparametric and Parametric Methods for Solar Oscillation Spectra
Supervised by David J Thomson

MSc (Queen's) in Statistics
  Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation Electrograms
Supervised by Selim G Akl, Damian P Redfearn, and David J Thomson

Honours Thesis (Dalhousie): On Wilson's Theorem
Supervised by Karl Dilcher



Primary Instructor


In Fall 2011, I was the primary instructor for MTHE 224 at Queen's, a second year civil engineering course. Course material was divided into three components

  1. Statistics (6.5 weeks)
  2. Differential Equations (6.5 weeks)
  3. Matlab labs and tutorials.

I designed lesson plans, course notes, prepared assessments, lectured, and managed over 100 teaching assistant hours.

Teaching Assistant